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The Story Behind Lola Beans

"Our first thoughts of opening a drive-thru coffee shop came during our family's time living in Alaska. Drive-thru coffee huts were on every street corner, in every city, accompanied by smiling sweet faces. This kind of friendly service with a hot cup of coffee in hand, was very appreciated on any day. In awe of their ease and quick service, my wife and I regularly mused about what a neat concept this was... thinking this may be a "one day in the future" kind of idea...

That was back in 2014 when I was traveling heavily between Alaska and Chattanooga for business. The time away was wearing on me and my family, so we made the bold, but awesome decision to move everyone up. My wife and our 3 children all accompanied me as we moved to Soldotna, Alaska for 5 months. This was an amazing, once in a lifetime kind of experience for me and my family to be in all the midst and beauty that Alaska has to offer. 

Part of our daily routine started to include a quick run through these coffee shacks. We ended up becoming regulars and favorites among a few of the shacks that were closest to us. We were able to get to know everyone by name, making personal connections with our family and theirs. It got to the point that they knew exactly what we wanted to order as soon as we pulled up to their warm welcoming windows!

With this sort of concept in mind and genuine interactions we experienced, our excitement is high that our very own "Lola Beans" is finally coming to fruition. This dream of ours points back to a special time spent with family, experiencing change and fear but being welcomed with love and of course some coffee. 

We believe we have expanded and hopefully perfected the concept of "drive-thru coffee".  Our desire is to create a positive, familiar, hometown feel while providing the highest quality available to our customers and friends.

Oh, and to answer your questions about our name...yes, our daughter, Lola, has been fondly called "Lola beans" since she was a small bean of a girl. In our original name search and deliberation, we kept finding ourselves coming back to her sweet nickname and this just felt like the perfect fit."

Donny & Missy Bradley